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Film & Video Production

The consumption of content has never been so great, with the explosion of social media, streaming platforms and improved data speeds over the last 20 years. The growth of this consumption by far has been of film and video content. This is often daunting for those that don't work within the industry and its hard to know where to begin. At BN Media we believe providing a friendly service, that can talk your options through and simplify the process. We offer a one stop shop for all things film and video. 

Corporate Promotional Videos

We like to get behind the curtain and find out what makes your business tick. This allows us to make creative, engaging and informative films that really drives business for our clients. Films start from £1300+VAT

Product Videos

With more people buying online than ever before, products videos have become an essential part of most businesses marketing strategy. From reviews to tutorials, social reels and 360 videos, people are far more likely to part with their hard earned cash if they are well informed about what they are buying. Our product videos start from £749+VAT

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are a great way to let potential customers know what they can expect from your business. They present a triple threat being a sales funnel, brand building and highly informative. Video testimonials start from £749+VAT

Event Films

Nothing sells your next event like showing people what they have missed, or giving them a chance to reminisce over what a great time was had previously. We create emotion invoking event films to drive impulse buys of tickets to your next event. Event films start from £1300+VAT

School Videos

Choosing a school can be a big decision for any Parent, Child or Young Adult.  Arm them with the knowledge they need, build confidence and increase your intake numbers. Our video packages for schools and educational facilities start from £749+VAT


We believe story is key in all films, a strong narrative drives a film and keeps your audiences attention. We love making documentaries. With our one stop shop approach, you won't have to go anywhere else to find your next documentary team, for your next project. Leaving you free to concentrate on the what matters, the story.  Documentaries start from as little £2495+VAT

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