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B is for B-Roll

Spend a little time at any production company and you will soon hear the term B-Roll. The term B-roll is used in the film industry to refer to additional footage that is used to supplement a main shot (A-Roll).

It is used to provide context or to provide additional information about a scene or event. B-roll is also often used to transition between two scenes or to provide a visual break for the audience. B-roll is generally shot with a secondary camera on film sets and can be used to provide a different perspective of a scene or event.

In a corporate setting B-roll is used to cover the cuts in interviews and re-enforce the message being told by the on screen talent. Well shot B-Roll can completely change a corporate film from bland and boring to informative and exciting.

If you would like too see how we utilise well shot B-Roll, check out any of our corporate or school films.

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