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Top 3 Videos for schools

Schools are an important part of a child’s development, as they provide education and a safe learning environment. To promote your school, you can use videos to capture the attention of potential students and families.

Here are five videos that are sure to get people interested in your school.

1. Promotional highlights video – Showing off your school’s facilities, classrooms, events and activities can be a great way to get potential students and families excited about attending your school. Make sure to show off the best parts of your school, give views from the teachers, students, parents and governor's, whilst delivering your schools ethos.

2. Parent student testimonials – Hearing from a current student or parent and having them share their experiences of the school is a great way to show potential students and families what it’s like to attend your school. These can offer a real world insight to the school and really reinforce both parents and students confidence.

3. Video bio's – Individual video bio's for members of staff are very versatile and can really help parents and students put a face to a name, especially in large schools. We recommend keeping them short but informative with a little personal touch about something the member of staff enjoys doing like a hobby. These are great for your 'Meet the team' page on the website, email signatures and social media.

With the right videos, you can get people not just interested in attending your school or educational facility but also get them more involved, keep them motivated and get them inspired. If you are looking to use video within your schools marketing, why not get in touch with us today to see how we can help.


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